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its 3am & once again you’re my late at night thoughts. Sometimes I lay here wondering if there’s something I could’ve done, something I could’ve said, to make you love me more. I wish I hadn’t pushed you away, I wish I hadn’t been so clingy. But now here I am in a puddle of my own tears wishing…

...then I met you

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Every Long Distance Relationship (via courtneylou21)

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It doesn’t matter if it has been two weeks, two months, or two years since we got to spend physical time together. I still get the butterflies and sleepless nights when it is days apon your arrival.

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It’s hard to be insecure. You don’t always enjoy looking at yourself & you constantly wish to be someone else. You idolise girls who are more beautiful and try to change yourself to be more like them although you know it’s the wrong thing to do. But we aren’t always like this, it’s just sometimes societys’ expectations suck a little.

"Dying Calmly"


There’s something calming
about lonely streets
The dim orange lights
flicker in sync with my every thought

Tonight my anxiety was killer
but the moon saved me
It’s full
and mysterious

As I gaze into the light yellow
It stares through my soul
It’s okay
You’re fine

I’m safe
I’m calm
I’m ebullience

My Thoughts (via thatartistickid)

And we lost track of time, just like all those old movies told us we would. We stayed up late and talked about city lights and long drives, and counted the freckles on each other’s arms. I forgot everything I knew except for the way it felt to be the one you were smiling at.
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